Amazon Prime Day Picks

Happy Prime Day! I just put together a quick post of some of my favorite items I’ve found on sale (the sale lasts 7/15-7/16). This year I’m stocking up on some of my favorites, and also trying some new stuff out (like the makeup case!!). See below for my picks, and happy shopping! 1. Banza Pasta – it’s gluten free and has 25g of protein and 13g of fiber per serving!! 2. Stasher Bags – I use these reusable silicon bags for EVERYTHING. They are so…

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6 Healthy Skin Habits You Should Adopt In Your 20s

Why hello my 20-something year-old-babes!!!! So good to see you!! Today I’m sharing my best tips for establishing a healthy skincare routine in your 20’s with the help & expertise of my friends over at Zona Med Spa in Scottsdale, AZ. I’m 26, and the past few years I’ve become really passionate about skincare and investing in better products and care for my skin than I did when I was in high school and college. Yes, these products and routines are going to be a bit…

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Phoenix’s New Media Outlet: The Upper Middle’s Launch Party

This past weekend I attended the official launch party of The Upper Middle! They’re a brand new community news site that aims to connect the upper middle neighborhoods of Phoenix. They hosted a party to celebrate the launch of their new website the Hula’s Modern Tiki Phoenix location and had free food, drinks, a balloon animal artist, and photographers there to take pictures. It was cool to mix & mingle with the community and learn a bit more about what The Upper Middle has planned for…

5 Events You Need To Attend in Phoenix/Scottsdale in May

Happy May, friends! I’ve got a pretty busy month ahead with a bunch of fun events, so I thought I’d compile some of my favorite events for the month so you guys can come too! I’ll be at or celebrating all of the below events, so don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi! The events range from networking to education to volunteering, so there should be something below for everyone. Hope you guys can make it! 1. Thursday 5/16, 6-8:30pm – Bumble BFF Women’s…

My name is Becca Booker - I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and I own According To Bbooks a lifestyle blog focusing on life running my business, Homemade Social, skincare, tips, book recommendations, and more! I love my dog Jojo, brunch, podcasts, and a good glass of Zinfandel.


What I’m Currently Loving:


  • got the chance to check out the new @someburros Uptown location yesterday off 7th and Camelback! I had never been to one of their restaurants before (they have 9 total in AZ!) and it’s basically the perfect combination of classic family-style Mexican food and fast-causal dining. Plus they have white claws which made me lol. I got the taco salad, chips & guac, strawberry marg, and a churro to finish 😛
if you go there today ONLY (8/16), whisper “Becca sent me” and you’ll get get a “buy one burro, get one free” special at their brand new Uptown restaurant 🤗 I don’t think there’s ever been a better BOGO tbh #Someburros #BringTheFamilia #ShareYourSomeburros
  • looking to make some more sustainable purchases this year? the new Clean Oceans Edition shampoo & conditioner from @lovebeautyandplanet is packaged in bottles made from 100% ocean-bound plastic! not only do they balance and restore hair health, but they’re infused with Sea Salt and an ethically-sourced bergamot scent for easy-breezy fresh hair. so you’re doing both your hair and the planet a favor 🤗🌎#lbppartner #lovebeautyandplanet #smallactsoflove
  • I’M A PROUD (and tan!!) MOM!!! 🤩 #puppyschoolgraduate #goobgirl #gebnius #valedogtorian
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  • quite literally GLOWING ✨ with these new self tanner drops!!! i’ve been trying @theisleofparadise products out this week and have been SO impressed. I love that they don’t “smell” like most self tanners and the company as a really cool body-positive mission. I listened to the founder’s interview on the @breakingbeautypodcast and he recently created #GetBodyPosi, a downloadable guide to self-acceptance and self-love. The motto is “to GLOW on the outside, you must GLOW on the inside” ☺️#preach.

Here are some of my tips for using the product:
-exfoliate 24 hours before with a dry brush (body only)
-for your face: wash & exfoliate your face, tone, apply serums, then add 3 drops of the oil to your lotion and blend all over your face, neck, and chest (be careful to avoid your eyelids bc it’ll look like eyeshadow lol)
-for legs, I added 4-6 drops of tan oil to my lotion per leg
-for arms, I added 3 drops to my lotion for both arms total -medium seems like the perfect shade for everyday use, but I might dabble with dark for vacations and such
-and I’ve basically been doing this each morning! the tan is one of the most natural results I’ve gotten from self tanners and i love that I can just add the drops to lotion so it’s not another step in my routine
👉🏼 download the Get Body Posi: The Ultimate Guide to Body Confident & Inner Happiness e-book via my swipe-up link in my stories!! #ownyourglow  #partnerofIOP #liketkit
  • do I look like an AZ local yet?! 🌵mondays like today call for $5 classic margs at @blancotacostequila! it's my go-to spot for queso dip (do yourself a favor and add the ground beef), a mexican salad, and a classic marg! just pop in to any location before 6pm to get the $5 special!🍹🌮 #myphx #frcpartner
  • kicking off my morning with a new healthy habit! I’ve been a fan of @lovewellness for a few years now (#1 fan of @lobosworth on @thehills 🙋🏻‍♀️) and I’m so happy that it’s now sold at @ultabeauty - it makes it so easy to swing by a store keep your health & wellness in check! I’ve used a few of their products in the past (The Killer, anyone?! 😂) and they’ve really reinvented personal care for women by making issue-specific products that are female-first, natural, organic, and they actually work (& come in the cutest packaging). you can visit for the full list of stores that carry it! #LoveWellnessPartner #sponsored
  • had such a good (& quick) trip home! I think next summer I need to come home for a bit longer because coming back to this az heat was rough 😅 but jojo had the best time at my parents and has basically been sleeping ever since we got back haha. love youuu @francinemajcherek thanks for showing me the one trendy bar santa rosa has to offer 💘

Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app! #liketkit #LTKunder50
  • lunch to-go with my pupperoni 🍕🐶 unfortunately for jojo I didn’t give her actual pizza lol, but jojo & I love calling into @saucepizzawine for an easy to-go lunch! I even bookmark their menu on my desktop for easy access 🤫 swipe right for a video of us practicing her “leave it” command!! did you think jojo did a goob job? vote below thank u
  • lather me up!!! hoping the nude color of this swimsuit doesn’t throw any of you off 😂 i’ve been using the new Honey Body Care collection from @vspink and the honey + shea combo keeps my skin feeling fresh and soft! 🍯 it’s basically liquid gold for the skin and smells like Cinderella. happy to have #PINKBTY as a part of my daily beauty routine again! 💛 #ad #bestself

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My Sephora Sale Picks: Makeup & Skincare

Hi guys! I get so amped for the Sephora sale each year that I figured I might as well share some of my favorite makeup & skincare products with you! Their sale is valid from 5/2-5/6 and you must be an Insider in order to participate in the sale (anyone can sign up). Here is a breakdown of what discounts you can get depending on which tier you fall into: Rouge get 20% off purchases in store and online. Use code HEYROUGE VIB get 15% off purchase in store and…

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45 Years Of Love! Love & Marriage Advice From My Parents

Today’s post is a big different than normal (and it’s corny) because…..Happy 45th Anniversary to my PARENTS!! Holy cow. I can’t believe they’ve been married that long. 45 years is a long time lol. Like any couple, my parents argue and fight, but clearly they had to have some good pieces of love & marriage advice for making it last 45 years, right?! I was on the phone with them both separately the day before this published and it was cute to hear what each had…

Favorite Places To Eat & Drink in Scottsdale & Phoenix

It’s April… which means everyone and their brother comes to the Phoenix Valley to visit! Bachelor & bachelorette party attendees hit up the bars & pools, Spring Training fanatics linger, and retirees & more flock to the Scottsdale & Phoenix area this time of the year for some sun. If I’ve learned anything from living in the Phoenix Valley (Tempe, Old Town Scottsdale, and Arcadia/Phoenix to be exact) for the past 8 years, it’s that we have some GREAT food and drink options. I think the…

#InternationalWomensDay: Girl Bosses I Admire & Respect

Happy #InternationalWomensDay!!!!! The older I get the more respect I have for this holiday. Being one of three daughters, I grew up with quite a bit of that feminist energy, and now that I’m a business owner I have even more respect for the women I know who are out there killing it in their fields. I wanted to use today to honor the women – who I’ve worked with, who I’ve admired from afar, who I’ve competed against, who I’ve simply grabbed coffee with, and…

Bbooks Recs: 4 Timeless Books For Marketers

So it’s been like 2 years since I posted a blog about books (I even wanted to start a Bbooks Book of the month series… obviously that didn’t happen lol). But I feel like I frequently talk about staying up to date with social media and marketing trends and I link online courses I’ve taken and newsletters you can subscribe to… but I haven’t talked about any marketing books yet!! I have a love/hate relationship with marketing books, because so many these days are irrelevant within…

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Freelance Income & Traffic Report: January 2019

Hey guys! I’m so so pumped for 2019. I’m also happy to say my Income & Recap Report for my biz in 2018 was onThis is the first monthly recap in the series for 2019, and I’d like to make improvements to these reports as I continue to write them, so please leave a comment if there is anything else you’d like me to elaborate on or include in the future. This month, I started with a new semester of interns – bringing my team to…

My Trip & Itinerary To Bali & Hong Kong

Hi guys!! I’m so excited to FINALLY be sharing this post with you. I got so many requests to put a post together about what I did when I went to Bali & Hong Kong and so I put together a master list of all the activities I did & sights I saw! I even included some things that are on my list that I didn’t get around to doing while I was there but I had planned to – so I guess I’ll have to…

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