5 Hacks To Scheduling Instagram Posts For Multiple Accounts

So one of the first purchases I made when I started doing freelance social media full-time was a really good scheduling tool for Instagram. So many clients focus their social media strategies on Instagram (whether we as managers like it or not lol) that I needed an easy-to-use AND affordable platform that would save me time and make it easy to manage multiple accounts. My favorite Instagram scheduling tool to use is Later! I currently use it to manage 4 of my clients’ social media accounts…

Skincare Diaries: The Best Order & Frequency For Your Skincare Products and the 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

  Hi!! So my latest skincare obsession is KOREAN SKIN CARE! I bought & read the book The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho, owner of sokoglam.com and have been learning so much. I wanted to give a little summary of what I learned, what sparked my interest, and what products I have been using lately. I also called my aesthetician, Chelsea, at Zona Med Spa so she could weigh in her tips too. Let me know if you have any questions, and if…

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San Diego: Best (& Instagrammable) Coffee Shops, Restaurants, & Bars

Hello hello! So towards the end of May, I headed to San Diego with Dames Collective for a quick mid-week trip to San Diego! The occasion? The Gritty Leadership Conference! I had yet to attend a conference since becoming self-employed, and I felt like this was the perfect time for me to attend one. Why? Because I had been in business just long enough to know who I am as a brand AND to know what my weaknesses and areas for opportunity are. The Gritty Leadership…

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My name is Becca Booker - I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and I own According To Bbooks a lifestyle blog focusing on life running my business, Homemade Social, skincare, tips, book recommendations, and more! I love my dog Jojo, brunch, podcasts, and a good glass of Zinfandel.


What I’m Currently Loving:


  • lunch to-go with my pupperoni 🍕🐶 unfortunately for jojo I didn’t give her actual pizza lol, but jojo & I love calling into @saucepizzawine for an easy to-go lunch! I even bookmark their menu on my desktop for easy access 🤫 swipe right for a video of us practicing her “leave it” command!! did you think jojo did a goob job? vote below thank u
  • lather me up!!! hoping the nude color of this swimsuit doesn’t throw any of you off 😂 i’ve been using the new Honey Body Care collection from @vspink and the honey + shea combo keeps my skin feeling fresh and soft! 🍯 it’s basically liquid gold for the skin and smells like Cinderella. happy to have #PINKTBTY as a part of my daily beauty routine again! 💛 #ad #bestself
  • *CLOSED* THE MOST YOUTHFUL GIVEAWAY OF ALL TIME!!! 💉 Excited to partner with my gal pals at @zonamedspa to giveaway TWO areas of full correction of Jeuveau (aka #newtox), the newest injectable on the market, to ONE lucky winner. One area would be considered between the brows, the forehead, or crow’s feet (outsides of eyes). Jeuveau is similar to Botox, but is said to last longer!! I’ve been going to @zonamedspa for over a year and a half and would trust them with my face and yours lol.  In order to enter, follow the steps below:
1. Follow @bbooks and @zonamedspa
2. Like this photo
3. Tag 3 friends in the comments below
Winner will be announced 7/19/19. Good luck!! ☺️🧖🏼‍♀️
  • jojo would like everybody to know that she lost her first TOOF 🦷🧚🏼‍♀️ and mama is very excited for the teething phase to be over soon 🙂 should the tooth fairy come tonight for jojo?? y/n #notpinkcouch
  • omw to go pick up jojo and couldn’t be more excited to reunite with my fur bb!!!!! 💘 anyone else feel the need to spoil their dog after they’ve been away? (i’m thinkin bring her a treat to pick her up and take her directly to dog park 🙂) http://liketk.it/2D7qi #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • how convenient for all of arizona to pick up and move to san diego for a few days 🥰 #sandiego
  • *before* i had a california burrito with french fries in it 🌯🍟 http://liketk.it/2D87I #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • Vacation Becca: Activated ✅
  • THIS HOTEL THOUGH 🤤 impromptu trip to San Diego for the 4th with @lipglossandliving is turning out justtt fineeee (and of course Lauren picked out the hotel and booked it without even running it by me and it’s perfect it’s fine) #girlstrip #sandiego

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Why I Bought 300 Instagram Followers, And Then Blocked 2,060+

Ahhh yes. The myth & the legend of buying & blocking Instagram followers. If you know anything about Instagram (yep… you can find me on the gram here), you’ve probably heard a negative connotation associated with buying followers. Some people, however, are supportive of it if the circumstances allow. Let me explain why I bought then blocked Instagram followers… Why Getting To 10k Followers Is A Milestone If you are a “micro-influencer,” that is, an influencer with less than 50k followers on Instagram, the goal is get…

Freelance Income & Traffic Report: April 2018

For my freelance income report, April was my best month yet (I realize I keep saying that, but I think May will finally end that streak haha). I also traveled home to Santa Rosa, CA for 4 days (where I spoke to my dad’s high school chemistry students on my career & entrepreneurship) and traveled to Austin, Texas for the first time for a girls’ trip! I fell in love with the city, but the best thing about the trip was that we had no plans…

The Skin Diaries: Organic Anti-Aging With Juice Beauty Stem Cellular

Soo we all know I love skincare. Ever since I turned 25 in March, I have become an anti-aging JUNKIE. I do anything and everything I can to prevent any signs of aging or wrinkles (yep, read my post on getting Dysport at 24 here). Shortly before my birthday, Juice Beauty, which offers “organic skin care and organic beauty products that are clinically validated to show transformative results” reached out about offering some product. UH, perfect timing. I obviously said yes and picked out their Anti-Wrinkle…

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7 Efficient and Easy Smoothie Hacks

Let’s be real, I loveeeeee a good smoothie. I am such a smoothie junkie that I finally decided to share my smoothie hacks! These tricks will save you time and money when making healthy, nutritious smoothies. Plus, most of these items you already have at home or can order on Amazon for super cheap. Enjoy! xx 1. Put Your Liquids In First This one might be a given, but I didn’t know you should do this so that your solids blends easier. I put about half of…

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Freelance Income & Traffic Report: March 2018

Holy cow – I can’t believe I’ve been freelancing full-time for 6 months! I seriously can’t believe how far I’ve come so fast. I loaded my income for this month on QuickBooks and literally thought there was a mistake! I am so appreciative for the work I do and the clients I have. I made a goal to make what I made this month by October of this year! Like WHAT. But with the good comes the bad. This month, I had to fire my first…

The 10 Commandments Of Working From Home

One of my good friends just got a new job working from home full-time, and so she asked me to do a blog post on some of my tips on working from home! I’ll admit, I thought working from home would be easier. The first few weeks especially were hard (mainly because of the reduced social interaction), but I’ve found a few good ways to get around that. If you just started working from home or have been for a while and haven’t found any comfort…

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My Food Allergy Test Experience

If you follow me on Instagram you know I did a food allergy test a few months ago and got the results back just before Thanksgiving. I posted my results on IG stories and have NEVER received SO MANY messages from my followers in such a short period of time lol. I posted my results and then went to the gym for an hour, and was shocked at the response I received!! Anyways, since I got so many questions on it I wanted to go over…