Freelance Income & Traffic Report: July 2018

Freelance Income & Traffic Report: July 2018

Happy August friends! I feel like July literally went by in a heartbeat.

I FINALLY launched my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe here if you missed out) where I call myself “The Social Media Doctor” and dish out “Prescriptions” ;). I got my inspiration from The Skinny Confidential and Becca Tilley’s podcast “Scrubbing In”. And I had my friend Morgan at Lagom Creative do the design for me! She is super talented and worked really fast so I’d definitely recommend her if you need a Mailchimp template.

I also had my BEST BLOG TRAFFIC MONTH YET!!!! I literally increased my blog traffic 10x since last July! This probably had a lot to do with the launch of the newsletter – and I’d really recommend starting a newsletter if you can for this reason. I believe newsletters should “give back” to your audience. Free tips, advice, services, etc. So if you can incorporate this into your content strategy somehow, I’d definitely recommend it! And if you can’t, you can always hire me to do it for you here!

Lastly, I did a Instagram Story Takeover with one of my favorite brands – Later! I sent them ~10 video clips about me and my favorite services that Later offers. It was a great win/win for both parties because I got some great hyper-targeted followers of people who also do social media and they had great educational content. I’d love to do more collabs like this in the future.

Read on for my income & traffic report for July!

My Story

New here? Catch up with a little background on my journey to becoming a full-time freelancer here!

Why Do I Do Freelance Income Reports?

Starting in November, I started doing income reports basically because Melissa Griffyn does them and I look up to her in each and every way haha. I noticed I would ALWAYS read her income reports and they always fascinated me and motivated me to improve my business, sooo here we are.

I pride myself that I am a very transparent person, and I like to think my blog & business reflects that same feeling of trust. With these reports, I can show you guys what worked, what didn’t, and how I re-strategize from month to month. I hope these inspire you to better your own freelance or social media biz – and please let me know if you see areas where I can improve! lol


  • Healthcare – $201.23/month
  • G-Suite for Email – $10.63/month
  • Adobe Suite – $21.58/month
  • PandaDoc (contract tool) – $29/month
  • Quickbooks – $10.80/month
  • Dropbox – $10.69/month
  • Canva – $12.95/month
  • Phone – $39.50
  • Website – $119.98
  • Food & Entertainment (business) – $75.17
  • Contract Work – $173.25
  • Dubsado – $200
  • Facebook Ad Class – $297.00

Total Investment: $1,201.78

Other Tools I Use:

Big Wins:

  • Highest month of traffic to my website EVER!! (10x more than July of 2017!)
  • FINALLY launched my newsletter!! And doubled the size of my newsletter list. I had crazy traffic the day I launched my newsletter and definitely think it has helped bring traffic to my site and has made me more reputable.
  • Was interviewed for the Finding Arizona Podcast (coming soon!) on behalf of Dames Collective
  • Blog & Biz Stats:
  • Affiliate Income – $58.33
  • Email Subscribers – 217 (more than doubled!)
  • Collaborated With:
    • Later
    • Dermalogica
    • Doughbird
    • Rothys
    • Vella Box
    • Collab Income – $155
  • Download Income: $0

Total Income: $6,304.64

If you have any questions about any of this or are interested in any of my social media services, fill out my form here and I’ll be in touch. Happy to help!

xx – bbooks

*I was really skeptical about sharing my income publicly. Would my clients think differently of me? Would they think I’m charging too little or too much? Would my friends judge me? I have chosen to not disclose or itemize my client income. I also don’t disclose if it is pre- or post-tax income. And you guys don’t know my life!! Everyone has different expenses.