Places To Look For Internships, Jobs, & Freelance Gigs In Social Media

Hi friends!! I have a quick & easy blog post for you today on the best places to find social media internships, jobs, and freelance gigs.

Some are better and more reliable than others, so I put a * next to my FAVORITE source in each category for getting jobs. The great thing about social media jobs is that there are PLENTY. The bad news? There are usually tons of applicants for the good jobs because it is a saturated market.

Here are my tips for getting the job:

  • Tailor your resumé and cover letter (which should be 1 page each and both should be sent as .pdfs) to the verbiage in the job listing
  • To be quite honest, being “active on social media” doesn’t count as experience. If you don’t have experience, volunteer to do the social media accounts for a club at school or a non-profit to gain experience.
  • Research the current voice and imagery that the brand currently uses on its social channels, and show that you did your research
  • Include analytical statistics to prove that you improved the KPIs of your last social media job (ie. increased Facebook reach by 34% over first 6 months)
  • After you apply, DM the brand on IG, Facebook, or Tweet at them on Twitter to let the know! Obviously someone in the social media department will read it, and they’ll be more likely to keep an eye out for your resumé.

See below for my favorite places to find social media internships, jobs, and freelance gigs!

Social Media Internships

Intern Queen

Ed 2010


Barefoot Student

You can apply for my social media internship here 🙂

Freelance Social Media Gigs 






Contently (copy-writing focus)

Social Media Jobs (Full/Part-Time)


Create Cultivate Classified*


Jobs In Social Media


Do you guys want any resumé-building tips? Or maybe tips on how to create a great portfolio? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy & good luck! xx Becca


  1. Fani wrote:

    Yes! Please share any tips you have on creating a portfolio! You are sooo helpful thank you!

    Posted 7.30.18
    • Becca wrote:

      Happy to! Thanks Fani! xx Becca

      Posted 8.2.18
  2. Valerie wrote:

    Yes, resume building tips and tips on how to create a great portfolio.?? Love this article. It’s very helpful.

    Posted 7.30.18
    • Becca wrote:

      You got it! Thanks Valerie! xx Becca

      Posted 8.2.18
  3. rachdupree wrote:

    Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and resources with us! This was really helpful! I can’t wait of you to share more on this topic!

    Posted 8.4.18
    • Becca wrote:

      So glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx Becca

      Posted 8.12.18

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