How To Track Monthly Social Media Analytics (+ FREE Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet!)

How To Track Monthly Social Media Analytics (+ FREE Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet!)

Ever wondered how social media agencies and brands track their social media analytics at the end of the month?

Need a better way to track your (or your clients’) social media growth?

When I was first starting out as a social media freelancer, I created this FREE Social Media Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet to help me to get a better idea of how my social media services were impacting my clients’ growth across the various channels that I was managing for them.

Since then, I’ve realized that there really isn’t an easy tool or platform to help you track analytics across multiple social media platforms.

Sure, there’s Iconosquare, Tailwind, Planoly, Later, Hootsuite and more. But I found it so frustrating to have to go through multiple tools to see my analytics in one place.

Thus, behold:

My agency’s *FREE* Social Media Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet to save the day!

You can download the free spreadsheet HERE and watch the video above for a full tutorial on how to use it to its fullest.

The free spreadsheet will help you track key performance indicators across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Analytics and measure their growth. This Excel (or Google) spreadsheet comes pre-filled with formulas to measure percentage increases and decreases from month to month (or any time period you wish).

Which Social Media Analytics Are Covered

Just add data for the following metrics, and you can always customize the spreadsheet to your needs:

  • Facebook
    • Likes
    • Reach
  • Pinterest
    • Followers
    • Avg. Daily Impressions
    • Avg. Daily Viewers
    • Avg. Monthly Viewers
    • Avg. Monthly Engaged
    • Avg. Daily Saves
    • Avg. Daily Clicks
    • # of pins
  • Instagram
    • Followers
    • # of posts
  • Google Analytics
    • Website Users
    • Users from Social Media
    • Users from Facebook
    • Users from Instagram (& Instagram Stories)

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