How To Track Monthly Social Media Analytics (+ FREE Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet!)

Ever wondered how social media agencies and brands track their social media analytics at the end of the month? Need a better way to track your (or your clients’) social media growth? When I was first starting out as a social media freelancer, I created this FREE Social Media Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet to help me to get a better idea of how my social media services were impacting my clients’ growth across the various channels that I was managing for them. Since then, I’ve realized that…

Freelance Income & Traffic Report: August 2018

Hey guys! Back at it again with my freelance income & traffic report. Happy to say I had my best month of traffic (again!!) in August. I feel like I’m not putting in as much work as I thought I would to get my traffic up, so it’s nice that it has happened somewhat organically. I think starting my newsletter (you can subscribe here) and adding some free products has definitely helped to increase traffic. In August I also had my best month of leads! I…

Girls’ Staycation at the Mountain Shadows in Paradise Valley, AZ

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Omg you guys, so this past weekend some girlfriends and I stayed at the Mountain Shadows (it’s a brand-new boutique resort in serene Paradise Valley, AZ) and we had such an amazing time! I had been to the property several times before to use their pool,  but had yet to stay the night. The hospitality the entire Mountain Shadows team showed during our stay was impeccable. If you guys who are local are looking for a luxurious staycation without breaking the bank –…

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My name is Becca Booker - I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona and I own According To Bbooks a lifestyle blog focusing on life running my business, Homemade Social, skincare, tips, book recommendations, and more! I love my dog Jojo, brunch, podcasts, and a good glass of Zinfandel.


What I’m Currently Loving:


  • got the chance to check out the new @someburros Uptown location yesterday off 7th and Camelback! I had never been to one of their restaurants before (they have 9 total in AZ!) and it’s basically the perfect combination of classic family-style Mexican food and fast-causal dining. Plus they have white claws which made me lol. I got the taco salad, chips & guac, strawberry marg, and a churro to finish 😛
if you go there today ONLY (8/16), whisper “Becca sent me” and you’ll get get a “buy one burro, get one free” special at their brand new Uptown restaurant 🤗 I don’t think there’s ever been a better BOGO tbh #Someburros #BringTheFamilia #ShareYourSomeburros
  • looking to make some more sustainable purchases this year? the new Clean Oceans Edition shampoo & conditioner from @lovebeautyandplanet is packaged in bottles made from 100% ocean-bound plastic! not only do they balance and restore hair health, but they’re infused with Sea Salt and an ethically-sourced bergamot scent for easy-breezy fresh hair. so you’re doing both your hair and the planet a favor 🤗🌎#lbppartner #lovebeautyandplanet #smallactsoflove
  • I’M A PROUD (and tan!!) MOM!!! 🤩 #puppyschoolgraduate #goobgirl #gebnius #valedogtorian
#dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #instadog #instapuppy #puppiesofinstagram #heelersofinstagram #adoptdontshop #heelerpuppy #cattledogsofinstagram #blueheelersofinstagram #heelernation #cattledogpuppy #heelermoments #heelergram #queenslandheeler #cattledoglove #cattledogsofig #acd #bordercollie #bordercolliegram #bordercollieofinstagram
  • quite literally GLOWING ✨ with these new self tanner drops!!! i’ve been trying @theisleofparadise products out this week and have been SO impressed. I love that they don’t “smell” like most self tanners and the company as a really cool body-positive mission. I listened to the founder’s interview on the @breakingbeautypodcast and he recently created #GetBodyPosi, a downloadable guide to self-acceptance and self-love. The motto is “to GLOW on the outside, you must GLOW on the inside” ☺️#preach.

Here are some of my tips for using the product:
-exfoliate 24 hours before with a dry brush (body only)
-for your face: wash & exfoliate your face, tone, apply serums, then add 3 drops of the oil to your lotion and blend all over your face, neck, and chest (be careful to avoid your eyelids bc it’ll look like eyeshadow lol)
-for legs, I added 4-6 drops of tan oil to my lotion per leg
-for arms, I added 3 drops to my lotion for both arms total -medium seems like the perfect shade for everyday use, but I might dabble with dark for vacations and such
-and I’ve basically been doing this each morning! the tan is one of the most natural results I’ve gotten from self tanners and i love that I can just add the drops to lotion so it’s not another step in my routine
👉🏼 download the Get Body Posi: The Ultimate Guide to Body Confident & Inner Happiness e-book via my swipe-up link in my stories!! #ownyourglow  #partnerofIOP #liketkit
  • do I look like an AZ local yet?! 🌵mondays like today call for $5 classic margs at @blancotacostequila! it's my go-to spot for queso dip (do yourself a favor and add the ground beef), a mexican salad, and a classic marg! just pop in to any location before 6pm to get the $5 special!🍹🌮 #myphx #frcpartner
  • kicking off my morning with a new healthy habit! I’ve been a fan of @lovewellness for a few years now (#1 fan of @lobosworth on @thehills 🙋🏻‍♀️) and I’m so happy that it’s now sold at @ultabeauty - it makes it so easy to swing by a store keep your health & wellness in check! I’ve used a few of their products in the past (The Killer, anyone?! 😂) and they’ve really reinvented personal care for women by making issue-specific products that are female-first, natural, organic, and they actually work (& come in the cutest packaging). you can visit for the full list of stores that carry it! #LoveWellnessPartner #sponsored
  • had such a good (& quick) trip home! I think next summer I need to come home for a bit longer because coming back to this az heat was rough 😅 but jojo had the best time at my parents and has basically been sleeping ever since we got back haha. love youuu @francinemajcherek thanks for showing me the one trendy bar santa rosa has to offer 💘

Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app! #liketkit #LTKunder50
  • lunch to-go with my pupperoni 🍕🐶 unfortunately for jojo I didn’t give her actual pizza lol, but jojo & I love calling into @saucepizzawine for an easy to-go lunch! I even bookmark their menu on my desktop for easy access 🤫 swipe right for a video of us practicing her “leave it” command!! did you think jojo did a goob job? vote below thank u
  • lather me up!!! hoping the nude color of this swimsuit doesn’t throw any of you off 😂 i’ve been using the new Honey Body Care collection from @vspink and the honey + shea combo keeps my skin feeling fresh and soft! 🍯 it’s basically liquid gold for the skin and smells like Cinderella. happy to have #PINKBTY as a part of my daily beauty routine again! 💛 #ad #bestself

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How To Manage (& Find) Unpaid Interns As A Freelancer

I’m just wrapping up my first week with my new fall interns! And I’m exhausted haha. I now have 2 interns from the fall plus my part-time assistant Haley who was my intern this summer. While I’m excited to have a growing team, managing 3 people at once (2 of which had to be taught a lot) is very tiring haha. Managing interns as a freelancer can feel weird,  but I have to remember that I am a small business and that my business is more than…

Freelance Income & Traffic Report: July 2018

Happy August friends! I feel like July literally went by in a heartbeat. I FINALLY launched my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe here if you missed out) where I call myself “The Social Media Doctor” and dish out “Prescriptions” ;). I got my inspiration from The Skinny Confidential and Becca Tilley’s podcast “Scrubbing In”. And I had my friend Morgan at Lagom Creative do the design for me! She is super talented and worked really fast so I’d definitely recommend her if you need a Mailchimp…

5 Pool Day Essentials

It’s August in Arizona which means it’s been pool season for about 6 months straight now lol. In my 7 years in Arizona I’ve become a pro at scouting the best public pools in Scottsdale and getting the best self-tanned glow. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become much more aware of the damage that the sun can do to our bodies, so I’ve done quite a bit of research on sunscreens and the best ways to use them. BUT I also believe your pool bag should…

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Places To Look For Internships, Jobs, & Freelance Gigs In Social Media

Hi friends!! I have a quick & easy blog post for you today on the best places to find social media internships, jobs, and freelance gigs. Some are better and more reliable than others, so I put a * next to my FAVORITE source in each category for getting jobs. The great thing about social media jobs is that there are PLENTY. The bad news? There are usually tons of applicants for the good jobs because it is a saturated market. Here are my tips for…

Freelance Income & Traffic Report: June 2018

Hi guys!! Doing a bit of an update here on my June income & traffic report. June was great because I was able to go home for two weeks to visit my parents AND I moved from Scottsdale to Phoenix, so I was a bit busier than usual on the personal side of things. However, like I mentioned in my report about May, I new there were going to be changes coming in June with a bigger client pausing my services due to manufacturing issues. At…

Now Hiring: Social Media Interns Fall 2018

It’s that time again! Internship app szn!  It has been such a pleasure working with my interns for the last 2 semesters and I’m ready to hit the ground running for the next group! Things to note: the internship is unpaid and must be based out of Scottsdale, AZ. More than likely, you’ll be required through your school to receive school credit for the internship, which will determine the number of hours you’ll need to work each week (approx. 8-15). However, some of the work will…

Freelance Income & Traffic Report: May 2018

Whoops! May or may not be writing my Report for May in July… lol. I’ve been busy and when I’m busy I neglect my own content and prioritize my clients’ lol. MAY WAS HARD.  I had such a great month in April, and then one of my clients notified me at the beginning of May that they were putting in their 30 days notice to “pause” my services. Long story short, they had switched manufacturers and wouldn’t even have enough product to sell anything, so if…