6 Healthy Skin Habits You Should Adopt In Your 20s

Why hello my 20-something year-old-babes!!!! So good to see you!! Today I’m sharing my best tips for establishing a healthy skincare routine in your 20’s with the help & expertise of my friends over at Zona Med Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

I’m 26, and the past few years I’ve become really passionate about skincare and investing in better products and care for my skin than I did when I was in high school and college. Yes, these products and routines are going to be a bit more expensive than your drug store picks, but remember that investing in this now will make a world of a difference when you’re 80.

“Nothing looks better in  your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s” – Jennifer Gardner 

1. Establish a Solid Skincare Routine

Ladies… PLEASE do more than just a makeup wipe! Get in the routine of actually washing your face with a cleanser and water. Better yet, do the Korean double-cleansing method (more on that here) and start with an oil-based cleanser!!

There are 3 key products you want to start using in your 20s if you don’t already:

    1. SPF (more on this below, use SPF 50 daily on your face, neck, and chest). I use this lotion and this powder.
    2. Eye Cream – this is the one I’m currently using
    3. Retinol – been loving this one from Honest Beauty, it’s affordable and sold at Target!

Plus, these are the products you actually want to invest your money in to make sure you’re getting results from the best ingredients that are safe for your body!

Also, remember to show your neck and chest some love too! Use your products all over, but be careful with retinol because the skin on your neck and chest is more thin and fragile.

2. Use A Silk or Satin Pillowcases

This one is easy! Silk & satin pillowcases are less likely to crease and leave wrinkles on your face, thus reducing the wrinkles forming on your face over time. I’ve heard satin is even better than silk because it doesn’t absorb as much product that we want on your face as you sleep!

You can buy the satin sheets I use here!

3. Perfect Your Sun Protection

Let’s take your sun protection to the next level. Each morning, make sure you’re applying at least SPF 50 (and bonus points if your foundation also has SPF!) to your face, neck, and chest (and really any part of your body that will be exposed to the sun at all).

Then, throughout the day, you’ll want to reapply SPF every 2 hours if possible. If you’re like me, I only typically go outside at lunch and after work, so I’ll swipe this handy powdered SPF across my face, neck, and chest before I head out. It’s great because it acts similarly to a setting powder and doesn’t mess up my makeup!

If you are going to be spending significant time in the sun, ALWAYS wear a white-brimmed hat or visor (that way it can also shade your chest/shoulders) and wear sunglasses with UV protection.

I use this daily SPF lotion and this SPF powder.

4. Start Preventative Botox/Dysport Early

This is so, so key! I started getting Dysport at the age of 24 (almost 25). So basically you want to start getting Dysport or Botox when you start noticing tiny wrinkles forming. Dysport and Botox don’t make you puffy – they freeze your muscles so you can’t recreate those wrinkles any more.

I get Dysport on my forehead and in between my eyebrows.

I have a few blog posts on my experience with Dysport:

I also go to Zona Med Spa and do their Dysport Membership – which is $99/mo for:

  • Two areas of your choice for Dysport, every 4 months.
  • 10% off all services and products throughout the year (For example; additional units of Dysport for other areas, only $3.60 per unit, and saving at least $50 on fillers)
  • One area of IPL Photofacial
  • Your choice of one of the following: Customized Facial, Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion
  • A 3-step Skincare kit

5. Get Regular Facials

Ok I remember when I was like 14 and had terrible acne that my dermatologist recommended this at the time and I thought….. “wtf – I (ok, my parents) spend so much money on these prescriptions you’re writing me and I STILL need to get facials?!” lol.

However, for the last year I’ve been really good about getting monthly facials. My aesthetician at Zona Med Spa, Chelsea, usually alternates between doing a dermaplane and a mild chemical peel on my face.

I also love that when I go regularly, she can examine my skin. When she notices any changes, she’ll ask me if I’ve made any changes to my routine, products, stress, diets, etc. and can help navigate me back on the right track.

For example, Chelsea has taught me:

  • To wash my face in the shower after I rinse out my conditioner because conditioner can leave a residue and may make you break out along your hairline
  • To change my dry shampoo because it was causing blackheads along my hairline
  • To exfoliate each day for a longer period of time to help reduce blackheads
  • To sanitize my computer glasses more so I don’t break out where they sit on my nose
  • To reduce the number of times I use retinol each week until my skin adjusted to it

I get Zona Med Spa‘s monthly Facial Membership which is $69/mo for:

  • Your choice of a Dermaplane/MicrodermFire & Ice Peel or Customized Facial per month
  • Complimentary brow or lip wax during chosen treatment
  • Discounts on Retail Product and Services
    • 20% off retail products at the time of sign up.
    • 10% off products for the remainder of the membership contract
    • 10% off all additional ZONA Skincare treatments (excludes laser and injections)
  • Birthday Month Perks During your birthday month receive an upgrade to one the following:
    • LED Facial
    • Dermaplane Facial
    • Microderm Facial
    • Perk Facial with eye or lip treatment

6. Lifestyle

Skincare isn’t all about what you just do on the outside! Healthy skin starts from within, too.

    • Sleep – get at least 7 hours a night
    • Hydrate – Drink half your body weight in water in ounces each day
    •  Diet – Eat nutrient-rich foods

I hope these tips help! The most important thing to remember is consistency….and retinol lol. By incorporating these tips you should be well on your way to healthy, glowy, youthful skin 🙂

xx Becca

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