Green Matcha Protein Smoothie

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According To Bbooks | Packed with matcha, banana, veggies, spinach, and protein powder, this is my-go to smoothie!

Ever since the new year I’ve found myself struggling to eat and stay healthy. My gym that I loveddd closed at the end of last year so I’ve been going through this awkward phase trying to find something that I like just as much. Since I haven’t been as active this year, I feel like I also haven’t been watching what I eat! I can always feel a big difference in my mind and body when I workout and eat healthy, so I’ve definitely been struggling to get back on that train.

One of the things I make for breakfast……or even dinner (#lazy)…is this green protein smoothie. One thing I love about it is that it has so much flavor that you can’t even taste the protein powder or spinach. Sooooo basically I’m just tricking my mind to think it’s a milkshake haha.

MY SECRET INGREDIENT…. not like it’s a secret. I’m sure so many other smoothie recipes use it lol…. is matcha powder! It has so many health benefits, but my favorite it that it is energizing without having any “crash” after you have it. I just got mine in the powder/mineral aisle at Sprouts, but this one is similar 🙂

Use this as a meal or post-workout snack, I promise you’ll love it and feel so energized after! Hope you enjoy!!

Other Tips:

  • I like my green protein smoothie really thick like a milkshake so I add lots of ice at the end! This makes it a little easier to blend (a Vitamix is on my wishlist lol), and I usually don’t use a full serving of protein powder, but I’ll do the full serving (just look at the serving recommendations on your protein) if I just worked out. If you notice in the picture, I have to use like the thickest straw possible to slurp this thing up hahaha.
  • If you’ve never added spinach to a smoothie before, don’t be afraid! The flavor of the peanut butter honestly cancels out the flavor of the spinach.
  • Skip out on the matcha if it’s late at night! It’ll keep you up lol
  • Use a reusable straw to cut down on waste 🙂


  1. Sounds yummy! A Vitamix is a must. I don’t even know what I’d do without mine. If you ever want a fun alternative to banana is avocado. It thickens it up so well and I have found that it needs less ice and gives me more flavor!


    Posted 4.12.17
    • Becca wrote:

      Thank you for the recommendation!! I’ll have to try out the avocado idea. Do you think it’d be good with both banana and avocado? Or too creamy?

      Posted 4.12.17

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