San Diego: Best (& Instagrammable) Coffee Shops, Restaurants, & Bars

Hello hello! So towards the end of May, I headed to San Diego with Dames Collective for a quick mid-week trip to San Diego! The occasion? The Gritty Leadership Conference!

I had yet to attend a conference since becoming self-employed, and I felt like this was the perfect time for me to attend one. Why? Because I had been in business just long enough to know who I am as a brand AND to know what my weaknesses and areas for opportunity are.

The Gritty Leadership Conference aligned so well with my needs – the sessions ranged from making data-driven business decisions, meditation, and tips for when you’re just starting out and growing a team. Overall, I think the most valuable piece I took away from the event was seeing all the amazing female business owners and hearing about their story. There is so much room for innovation and change in the world, and it was inspiring hearing how so many women saw gaps in their lives and took the initiative to start a business that filled that gap.

My favorite part was actually towards the end. Cortnie Purdy-Fausner (CEO of The Venue Report) was on stage and I was like 50 feet away from her and her skin was literally GLOWING. So after she spoke there were all these women lined up to speak to her about her business, and I’m at the end of line waiting to ask her about her skincare routine LOL. Typical. But she had some great tips:

So I went home and bought the owner of Soko Glam’s book on The Little Book of Skin Care and have been educating myself haha. I’m hooked! I’ll do a post on my nighttime routine soon.


Before I headed to San Diego, I asked you guys on Instagram Stories to DM me any recommendations you had for local coffee shops and places to work (and of course, people sent in bars and restaurants too haha). I had a few requests to share that list, so here it is! I obviously didn’t get to go to ALL of these, but I linked them all and gave the same notes that you guys gave me haha.

Coffee & Places to Work:



Happy eating/drinking/caffeinating 🙂

xx – Becca

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