#InternationalWomensDay: Girl Bosses I Admire & Respect

Happy #InternationalWomensDay!!!!! The older I get the more respect I have for this holiday. Being one of three daughters, I grew up with quite a bit of that feminist energy, and now that I’m a business owner I have even more respect for the women I know who are out there killing it in their fields.

I wanted to use today to honor the women – who I’ve worked with, who I’ve admired from afar, who I’ve competed against, who I’ve simply grabbed coffee with, and who I straight up have a girl crush on lol. The list is in no particular order, but please take a minute to check these gals out. Due to my network & location, the majority of them are located in the Phoenix area, but many are nationwide too 🙂

Give them a follow, check out their websites, subscribe to their newsletters, buy their products and services. It’s all about women supporting women, ya know?

xx Becca

My Homies Team!!!!

First off, I wanted to give a shout out to all the girls on my team. This is the first semester I’ve truly felt a sense of synergy with the group of girls I have. AND THEY’RE SO CUTE. They are all so fun, kind, & smart – I TRULY look forward to meeting them for work each day. They rock.

  1. Haley – Kick-ass Assistant. Been my side kick since May. Can put together a beautiful IG feed together in 30 min tops.
  2. Alyah – Veteran Social Media Intern. Second semester with me. Great work ethic and tackles anything I throw at her with ease. Killer sense of fashion.
  3. Jacqueline – Social Media Intern. Impressive attention to detail and does it all while being a mom!!
  4. Kimbre – Social Media Intern. Has an AMAZING eye for all things design and the sweetest soul.

Dames Collective

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been involved with Dames Collective since March of 2018! Dames Collective the ultimate networking group for this generation’s female leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. We host monthly panels on the first Friday of each month at The Emerald on various subjects applicable to owning a business (think: finances, PR, social media, growing a team, etc.). You can learn more about Dames here! Anyways, below are some women I’ve met through Dames!

  1. Chanel & Brittney – the OG Founders of Dames Collective in San Diego (who both also own their own businesses)
  2. Nikki Butler of @saltfringeevents – my PIC for all things Dames. Hot new mama. Owns her own event planning company.
  3. Katarina of Ruby The Mag – The most talented writer!! She’s also super in-tune with her thoughts and manifestation and all that hippy dippy stuff which I totally dig.
  4. Karlie Lestina of Karlie Colleen Photography – Badass and versatile photographer and videographer. I’ve worked with her for years both for my blog and for client photography as well!
  5. Kelly Potts of Small Dog Pr – Super sweet & friendly. Affordable, attainable PR. Loves small dogs. Win-win.
  6. Louise of The Finance Coach – I’m the kind of gal who’s first and only “C” in school ever was in Finance 300 in my junior year college lol. Louise helped me to better understand my finances, built me a budget for 2019, and sends me monthly financial reports.
  7. Dala of FJI Design – Has such an eye for interior design, and she’s so smart too. Her niche is the restaurant & hospitality industries.
  8. Lauren Ruiz of Guide My Business – Helps will all things law! Makes contracts and such more digestible, and she’s super friendly too 🙂
  9. Nicole Myden of The PR Concierge – Literally MY FAIRY GODMOTHER. She is an expert with all things PR and is an actual angel. She just moved back to Phoenix from the LA area and has already hosted multiple workshops and started a podcast.
  10. Carole CC of Onyx Communications – the most supportive and funniest girl’s girl there is. We work together on a couple of clients and she really knows her sh*t. Love you CC! Her niche is hospitality & real estate.

Other Phoenix-Based Female Biz Ladies

  1. Zona Med Spa – I’ve talked about them before like a million times on my blog. I go to them for all things skincare! They’re women-owned and operated and the nicest gals out there. Plus, they’re great with skin 😉
  2. Scottsdale Bodi – I’ve been going to Bodi (a gym in Scottsdale) for more than two years now and Nikki (the owner) is awesome. Madi & the other trainers are all super sweet and kick my ass on the daily.
  3. Abby & Ashlyn of The Emerald – These two gals started an all-women co-working space in South Scottsdale and not only is it SO cute but they host amazing events (including Dames) for women to meet and network.
  4. Lindsey Schwartz of Powerhouse Women – Um, GIRL CRUSH. Lindsey and I met in October the 2018 and she seriously lights up a room. Her energy and positivity is infectious! Check out her company and her women’s conference coming to Phoenix in September.
  5. Lorena & Sakura of Wela Creative Studio – These gals were my old bosses (at what used to be Bloguettes!) and taught me the building blocks to start my blog! They’re both up to their own things now too, and Lorena balances it all while being a mom and Sakura is a soon-to-be mama!
  6. Cara of Twist Agency – Another one of my old bosses! I worked for Cara directly out of college and learned a lot about running an agency from her. We just recently met up for lunch last week and it was so great being able to talk so someone who just “gets” it 🙂
  7. Chantell of Vida Moulin – She owns the cutest boutique in the Uptown area, just opened a second location in Tuscon AND is opening The Frederick in Phoenix – a new destination for people to shop, eat, work, and relax! Killin it.
  8. Mika Perry of @mikaperry – I’m not sure when I started following Mika, but her Instagram is SO helpful and well thought out. She’s consistent and keeps her content on brand at all times. Her account truly exists to help her followers find inspiration, stay organized, get mom tips, and be more efficient at life in general lol. Have yet to meet her IRL, but she’s on my list!!
  9. Leah Theodosis of Tremaine Ranch – First of all, Leah is HILARIOUS. Like makes me laugh out loud while watching her stories lol. She has expanded her business in multiple ways and even has a podcast now!
  10. Ashley Peterson of Pioneer Title – One of my best friends from college who not only is like the #1 title rep in Arizona but she’s also a spin instructor! #badass
  11. Cynthia Sassi of Fabulous Arizona – Cynthia and I recently became friends and I’m so impressed with how she has grown Fabulous Arizona! She’s totally entrepreneurial minded and is always thinking one step ahead.

Other Awesome Creatives

  1. Audree Lopez of Simply Audree Kate – She was my first friend at ASU and now she’s killin’ it in the fashion industry in NYC!! She also just launched a Fashion Fundamentals course and recently worked the A
  2. Amanda Mclernon & Emily Klipps of Mclernon & Co – Owners of an awesome social media agency based in Denver! I haven’t met either of these girls IRL yet, but Amanda & I connected a little over a year ago and have remained in touch over social media ever since!
  3. Monica Woodhams – Monica & I first became friends when I was on her podcasts, The Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast, and we went to NYFW together last fall. She’s hilarious and the first person I call when I need to gab lol.
  4. Kinz of KinzcoWorld – Never met Kinz in person, but I found her because she posted a cute phone background design lol but I just LOVE all of her content. She has a podcast that I love and she creates authentic, informative, and inspirational content every day 🙂
  5. Kathryn of Creme Brands – I just LOVE her design work. Her style is very feminine, but she does a great job showcasing her work on her Instagram account and always shares about her experiences with clients (which I obviously appreciate!). She also seems to have great systems & automation in place for her biz.
  6. China of Olive Creative Co. – Been following her on IG for years AND she has corgis!! My dream lol. She has a beautiful business where she does design work, hand lettering, styling, content creation, and more. Her IG is so cute too!
  7. Kayleigh Christina – She talks all things wellness, has a blog, AND has a skincare line! I’d love to start my own some day so I love watching her grow her business from the ground up. Plus she has great hair lol.
  8. Taylor Love – She’s from my hometown and we’ve known each other since high school. Her blog focuses on wellness and self-care and she’s just the sweetest and has the cutest style.

SPREAD THE LOVE MY GALS!!! Go out there and kill ’em.