Hair Care Tips For Fine Hair

Ever since I was a kid I remember having the FINEST hair. I have a picture of me when I was like 3 and I had just gotten out of the pool and my ponytail is like 3 threads of hair lol. Luckily, I have plenty of hair now haha but it’s so fine and can break so easily. In college, I played around more with bleaching my hair via highlights, ombré, etc. and saw an improvement in texture and volume (basically because my hair was damaged…) but shortly after, I noticed it was breaking like crazy. After college I had to start caring for my hair a bit more than I was used to and have finally found a good routine that keeps my hair growing healthily while still being able to lighten it a bit every now and then.

While having fine hair is simply genetics, there are habits you can implement, supplements you can take, and products you can use that can help! Use these tips for fine hair to make it grow as healthy as possible!

Shower & Post-Shower

Ok all I have to say about showering with fine hair – 1. get Sink Snake! My roommate and I had the worst luck with our drain getting clogged with hair (ew, I know – but it happens). and 2. INVEST IN GOOD SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER. I actually just made the splurge and tried out the Nexxus Promend Split End Repair Restoring Conditioner and it seriously felt so soft after using it – it was like “just-got-my-haircut” soft. Worth the $28 at Target lol.

I feel like most people know nowadays that our hair is the most fragile and breakable when it is wet. When you get out of the shower, it’s best to air dry your hair. I’m lucky if I can do this once a week – so I use a Turbie Twist which is a gentle, thin towel designed for drying hair quickly. I wait until my hair is starting to dry out and apply moroccan oil and It’s A 10 spray (with detangler and heat protectant) and lightly comb through my hair with a wide-tooth comb or my WetBrush and finish with a blow dryer on medium or low heat.

Every 1-2 weeks, I’ll lather my hair up in a coconut oil mask and let it sit for either an hour or overnight (put a towel over your pillowcase so you it doesn’t get oily). I hear it’s best to really massage it into your ends and scalp! When you shower after this mask, double rinse with shampoo to make sure you get out all of the oil and go light on conditioner.

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Vitamins & Supplements – Tips For Fine Hair

Beauty comes from within, y’all!!! It’s so important to nourish your body and give it the vitamins and supplements it needs to live your best life (#bachelornation anyone?!). Everyday, I take fish oil, vitamin E, milk thistle (for liver health) and biotin. I also started mixing in collagen peptides into my morning smoothies and noticed it helped to clear my skin too.

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Other Tips For Fine Hair


Sometimes I forget that my hair can get damaged throughout the day and night when I’m not even touching it. I’ve been trying to grow out the hair right around my face (the pieces that frame it) because I feel like they’re always shorter and more damaged than the rest of my hair.

Turns out, this is because of hair ties!! I workout 4x a week and used to put it in a high ponytail or messy bun (which is apparently the worst you can do because you’re putting tension on multiple parts of your hair).

To solve this, I spoke to a hairstylist who recommended only using ribbon hair ties and wearing them in as low & loose of a ponytail as possible. This took me awhile to get used to, especially at the gym. The ribbon doesn’t put as much tension on your hair, and by placing it lower on your head it allows your hair to grow a bit more than it would if it was in a high ponytail.


I also started sleeping with silk pillowcases!!! I seriously love them lol. Cotton pillowcases don’t “slip” and over time, this causes damage to your skin and hair. Cotton scratches and tugs on skin and grabs and twists hair, resulting in visible premature stretching, sleep creases, damaged hair, and bed-head by morning. Silk pillowcases will allow your skin & hair to glide across the surface—protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blow out lol. I swear by them!


I feel like everyone preaches skincare and sunscreen these days, but everyone forgets about their hair! If I know I’ll be outside, I always try and wear a hat to protect both my skin & hair, but I also found this hair mist by Fekkai that has sun protection as well. I just spritz it on everyday and it helps protect it from my curling iron too!

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Thanks for reading my post on tips for fine hair!

If you have any more tips on hair care for fine hair, I’d love to hear them! Be sure to let me know in the comments below 🙂
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Hair Care Tips For Fine Hair - how to care for fine hair to prevent breakage and encourage growth!

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