3 Free Pools In Scottsdale

If you follow me on Instagram it’s nooo secret that I’m a frequent pool go-er. Going to the pools in Scottsdale is sometimes the only option to cool down, and this time of year it’s the nicest (before the pools start to feel like bath water in July…). Since the house I live in doesn’t have a pool, I’ve been going to some of the free (!!!) local pools at hotels/resorts in the area and am sharing my findings of my favorite free pools in Scottsdale. If you stop by any or have any more free good ones, let me know in the comments!

Hotel Adeline

[2019 edit! ] I feel like this is pool is the hot new spot! It’s great for groups and is just north of Old Town Scottsdale, so the location is ideal. They usually have a dj there on Saturdays during the summer, so my friends and I found ourselves here quite a bit.

Parking: Free lot in the front of the hotel

Food & Drink Situation: Their drinks are a little pricey in my opinion, I want to say it’s like $16 for a pina colada or mango daiquiri (yikes). But the pool is really great if you’re there with a group and are planning on splitting bottles/buckets.

When To Go: Saturdays – EARLY. They don’t have a ton of chairs

Pros: Great location, free entry

Cons: It gets prettttty busy during the summer on the weekends so you have to get their early, and the crowd can get rowdy.

Omni Montelucia Resort

According To Bbooks | Best Free Pools In Scottsdale - Omni Montelucia

Best Free Pools In Scottsdale - Omni Montelucia

A little more higher-scale than the Saguaro, the Montelucia (technically in Paradise Valley) backs up on the north side of Camelback mountain just off Lincoln. It’s a bit more of a “family” pool and there are lots of out-of-towners and less locals. I typically bring a book here and just focus on tanning.

Parking: There’s a free underground covered lot! You’ll have to take the stair up to the main floor to get to the pool. I think you only have to pay if you park overnight.

Food & Drink Situation: Get the pina colada!! And fish tacos. You’re welcome. They have a great restaurant and bar on property though, so it’s a good spot to grab dinner after a day at the pool.

When To Go: Any day

Pros: A little higher-end, great food/drink and service, it’s a little quieter so it’s great for reading

Cons: Kids! lol. It’s a family resort, but they do have an adults-only pool, but the views aren’t as good.

Valley Ho

Partayyyyy pool. The locals know this is a hot spot and on the weekends you get ID’d and wrist-banded before entering. It’s right in the heart of Old Town so the location can’t be beat. I’ve heard you can go to the front desk and ask for day-access to the pool though! The only time I’ve been to their pool was when I did a staycation, so not 100% positive on the amenities to non-guests!

Parking: On the north side of the hotel. I think you have to get a pass though!

Food & Drink Situation: The bartender named James is great. He’s there on the weekends! Just ask him and it will be good haha

When To Go: Weekends are wild, but weekdays are more low-key. Get there early to get a chair

Pros: Great tanning & partying pool

Cons: Pool is smaller so it can get packed on hot days

Other Options:

  • Maya – There’s a cover and if you dont have <1% body fat it’s awful haha
  • The W Hotel – There’s a cover and it can be hard to get a lounge chair as these go to hotel guests firsts
  • The Phoenician – Hard to get into and have to pay for hourly parking

Hope you enjoy some fun in da sunnnn!




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