6 Tools Every Content Creator Needs Under $25

Hi friends! I’ve been searching the internet these last few months for some affordable tools to make my life as a content creator a little bit easier. I’m at the point in my career where I’m willing to do some trial & error before I find what I really love and am happy to share with you guys some of the tools I’ve found – all various forms of iPhone accessories – that are all under $25 (and most are available with Amazon Prime too). The great thing about these is they can all easily fit in a purse, so you can always have them on you whenever you feel inspired to create some content.
In 2018 there are SO many ways to create content that is is over-whelming. I put together my favorite tools to help create better content for blogs and videos like tripods, lighting, and more under $25!
In 2018 there are SO many ways to create content that is is over-whelming. I put together my favorite tools to help create better content for blogs and videos like tripods, lighting, and more under $25!

1. Pop Socket & Pop Socket Holder

By now, I feel like most people with any form of iPhone “plus” have hopped on the pop socket train. It makes it easier to hold your phone (especially when looking at your phone in bed) and doubles as a phone stand when watching videos on a table top. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

BUT the true magic lies in this pop socket holder I got a few months ago. You know that feature on Instagram stories that says “hands-free”? THIS is the magic hands-free holder you have been waiting for. In fact, I think I’m going to buy one more for my car haha. I currently have the holder on our bathroom mirror and use it to film quick beauty videos (with either the hands free option on IG or just with the selfie video on the camera app). It fits with any standard-sized pop socket.

Unfortunately, once you “stick” your holder somewhere – it’s basically stuck there… which is why I want to buy another to have in my car for safer story-ing 🙂

  • Shop a ROSE GOLD (!) pop socket here – $1.89
  • Shop my favorite pop socket holder here (I would get the 3-pack so you can stick them anywhere) – $6.99

2. Beauty Light

I talked about this “selfie” beauty light on my stories a few months ago and the light is AMAZING for taking selfies at night. It’s compact and is cordless (comes with a charging cord that plugs into any USB) and has THREE light settings to there isn’t any reason we should be getting bad selfies now lol. What’s nice about it is you can face it towards your face (selfie style) or on the side of the actual camera on the back of your phone to act as softer alternative to your flash.

Just be careful when using it “backwards” because you want your camera to be in the CENTER of your ring… so your ring won’t be centered with the phone.

  • Shop the selfie ring light here – $8.99

3. Stylus for IG Stories

Have you ever tried writing with just your finger with the drawing mode on Instagram stories? IMPOSSIBLE!! My “handwriting” or drawing looks like a 5-year-old did it lol.

Insert a freakin’ STYLUS!! Styluses have definitely come a long way since their early days. They are MUCH more accurate than they used to be and I love this one because it has a CLEAR tip so you can see exactly where you are writing/drawing. PLUS it comes in rose gold!!! And has a pen-like cap so the tip doesn’t break off in your purse. I recommend it to all of my clients. Sold.

  • Shop my fave rose gold stylus here – $10.99

4. iPhone Tripod

Most people know that you can get a tripod for your DSLR camera, but did you know you can get one for an iPhone too? They even have ones sturdy enough that you can secure to a vertical pole! Lol. If you’re a blogger, vlogger, or simply need a second hand to take some good photos of yourself, tripods are so helpful because you can place them anywhere and practically on any surface these days.

Shop the tripod here – $25.99

5. iPhone Camera Bluetooth Remote Control

You know how all those mommy bloggers take pictures looking down at them ABOVE THEIR BED? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can see an example here. This is how. Well, this and a small hole for a camera cut into a cereal box on their ceiling. With a Bluetooth remote control, you can place your phone on camera mode and secure it into your tripod or ceiling cereal box and click away! It’ll snap pictures with ease. If you are going the route that involves the cereal box on the ceiling, just be sure to use the self-timer mode so that you have a second to hit the remote and get it out of the shot 🙂

  • Shop the remote control here – $8.99

6. SD Card Camera Reader for iPhone

If you’re bringing out the big guns (aka a DSLR camera) and you’re camera isn’t fancy enough to have one of those wifi connections, you can by a SD card camera reader for iPhone and just plug in your memory card! It makes it so easy to pick & choose which photos you upload to your phone so you can instantly post and share them.

  • Shop the card camera reader here – $9.99

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