Social Media Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet


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Need a better way to track your (or your clients’) social media growth? I created this Social Media Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet that will help you track key performance indicators across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Analytics and measure their growth.


This Excel spreadsheet comes pre-filled with formulas to measure % increases and decreases from month to month (or any time period you wish).  Just add data for the following metrics, and you can always customize the spreadsheet to your needs:

  • Facebook
    • Likes
    • Reach
  • Pinterest
    • Followers
    • Avg. Daily Impressions
    • Avg. Daily Viewers
    • Avg. Monthly Viewers
    • Avg. Monthly Engaged
    • Avg. Daily Saves
    • Avg. Daily Clicks
    • # of pins
  • Instagram
    • Followers
    • # of posts
  • Google Analytics
    • Website Users
    • Users from Social Media
    • Users from Facebook
    • Users from Instagram (+ Instagram Stories)
    • Users from Pinterest
    • Users from

This Social Media Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet is completely free, and don’t forget to also download my free Social Media Analytics Definitions too!

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