Social Media Analytics Terminology & Definitions

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Social media analytics have you confused? Clients frustrated that they can understand your end-of-the-month social media analytics report? This Social Media Analytics Terminology & Definitions guide will help! Use these common social media analytics definitions to help you improve your social media strategy/

This 5-page guide covers the definitions of the most common analytical terminology for the 3 most common social media platforms and what they mean for your social media strategy. The guide covers analytical terminology used on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • General social media terminology

And covers what metrics to look at when determining which posts did best on each channel.

Tip: I like to send this guide to my social media clients when I sent them their monthly or quarterly analytics reports (you can buy my report template here)! This will help them to better understand what results you were able to achieve for their account. Easy!


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