Meet The Interns: Spring 2018

Happy #InternationalWomensDay!! I wanted to share this post today because while I work alone 90% off the time – there also are some awesome women who have been helping me behind-the-scenes! Since I’ve been doing freelancing work full-time since October, I realized early on that I wouldn’t be able to do this all myself….so I put a post on my IG stories that I was looking for interns and snagged these ladies up!

My interns have been working with me this semester and have been such a help and blessing to not only my productivity but to my sanity. While there definitely was that training period where I felt like I was working MORE when they first started, about 3 weeks in is when we finally got into a good routine. I meet with them once a week on Mondays for an hour reach to go over tasks for the week and approve content. Also, once a month I have been scheduling a time for all of us to meet where I teach them something new. Last month, I dove into the details of email marketing, and this month I’ll be going over Pinterest strategies, hacks, and best practices.

I wanted to use #InternationalWomensDay to appreciate these ladies and for you guys to get to know them! I did a brief Q&A with them and have linked their blogs (yes, somehow they all have them lol) below so you can check them out too.

Plus, my application is open for Summer Interns! If you’re interested in applying, learn more here.  🙂

Enjoy! xx

Meet My Interns: Demi Bang - According to BBooks Demi Bang

Nickname: My family calls me Mimi (It came from the ending of De-mi)
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Major: Mathematics and Communication
What you wanted to be when you were little: A singer hahaha, but I’m honestly musically illiterate
Why you love social media: I love the creativity and networking aspect of it!
What your first job was: OTC Sale Associate at Walmart (I wanted to be a pharmacist once upon a time haha)
What you like to do on the weekends: Weightlifting and going to coffee shops!
Favorite song right now: LOVE by Kendrick Lamar!
Favorite restaurant in Phoenix: Tampopo Ramen in Tempe!


Meet My Interns: Katelyn Greno - According to BBooks Katelyn Greno

Nickname: Katelyn
Hometown: Ahwatukee, Arizona
Major: Journalism
What you wanted to be when you were little: A TV reporter on E! News
Why you love social media: I love content creation, connecting/engaging with people online and I love all things analytics!
What your first job was: hostess at a sports bar
What you like to do on the weekends: photography, shop, and watch Netflix
Favorite song right now: Look Alive by BlocBoy JB featuring Drake
Favorite restaurant in Phoenix: SAUCE! I’m obsessed lol


Meet My Interns: Nicole Rowe - According to BBooks

Nicole Rowe

Nickname: People refer to me as Winston’s Mom because they think my dog is cooler than me
Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon
Major: Communications/Marketing Minor in Christian Studies
What you wanted to be when you were little: A Disney princess
Why you love social media: I love networking, connecting, and stalking cute blogger moms
What your first job was: A Disney Princess at parties (dreams do come true)
What you like to do on the weekends: Sleep in, get things done, and traveling if I have money in my account
Favorite song right now: The whole Greatest Showman Album
Favorite restaurant in Phoenix: I would say chick fil a but to keep it interesting i would go with Joyride


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