Freelancing Full-Time: December Recap

Click to see my blog stats and updates on clients & income for my second month of freelancing!

December was a crazy month. With the holidays and a bunch of new clients from November to handle content for, I was pretty slammed with my freelance work. I also was interviewing and hiring my first batch of interns (!!), and they didn’t start until the end of the month – so basically I worked a lot in December on client work and NOT a lot on MY freelance business.

I will say that I have gotten a lot of clarity about my business after the new year. I have been re-reading You’re A Badass lol just to remind myself of why I started. Plus, I’ve been taking away different phrases and tips from the book that I didn’t the first time. I have a clearer vision of where I see this little business of mine taking me which has really helped me to set my priorities straight.

See below for a little recap of December!

Made Some Investments

  • Healthcare UGH – $200/month
  • G-Suite for Email – $10.63/month
  • Adobe Suite – $10.80/month (still on my student plan 😉 )
  • PandaDoc (contract tool) – $29/month
  • Quickbooks – $5.40/month
  • Office supplies/decor – $58.29
  • – $181.27/year

Total Investment: $495.39

Big Wins:

  • I hired 3 interns!! This was huge. I had my intern “orientation” with them right before the new year and they have already been so helpful. I still have some kinks to work with my process flow with them. Baby steps 🙂
  • Got 9 leads (& started tracking them and my conversion rate)
  • Got 1 new client (& had 2 photography/portrait clients)
  • Met with an accountant (um, eye-opening. highly recommend meeting with one early if you are self-employed) and then…
  • Got Quickbooks (it has a receipt & mile tracker in the app)
  • Ran my first Facebook Ads for my Facebook page

Blog Stats

December was a really busy month for me business-wise, and my interns didn’t start helping me out until the end of the month, so I put the blog on the back-burner. I’m hoping to dedicate more time to growing the blog, writing more frequently, and  maybe finally emailing my newsletter list this month lol.

Collaborated With Brands:

  • Petco
  • Java Java Coffee Co
  • Artificer Wood Works

Collab Income – $75

Total Income from Freelancing: $5,451

If you have any questions about any of this or are interested in any of my social media services, fill out my form here and I’ll be in touch. Happy to help!

xx – bbooks