About Becca

Hi there!

My name is Becca Booker - I'm a 24-year-old living in Scottsdale, Arizona and I own According To Bbooks, a boutique digital marketing agency working with awesome brands. I went to ASU and studied Marketing and Journalism, and have always had a passion for marketing, writing, and content creation.

My blog covers most of what I'm currently up to and gives tips and tricks for skin care, beauty, and social media of course. If you're interested in any of my services, fill out the form here or email me at hello@accordingtobbooks.com. Thanks for stopping by! xx

Fun Facts

-I'm obsessed with corgis, but have never owned a dog!
-I got the name bbooks my freshman year of college! It's always been my Instagram handle, and it somehow just became my nickname.
-I'm from Santa Rosa, CA (and love🍷)
-I nannied the summer after college on Lake Como, Italy
-I'm addicted to coffee ice cream